Calling all Vegan and Vegetarian ladies!

Are you wondering if you can achieve amazing results, while sticking to your Plant Based Lifestyle?

The answer is YES.


For the month of June, I have an exclusive offer for all Vegans and Vegetarians who want to get started with BBR.

I have put together a 13 page eBook, which you will receive FREE when you purchase my 8 Week Personalised Program.

Full of tips, tricks and info you need to know when starting a program – PLUS it includes Clean Tofu & Tempeh recipes.


This eBook is FREE when you join Team BBR with an 8 Week Personalised Program.

My 8 Week Personalised Program is the ultimate transformation program.

It allows you to work closely with me to achieve your fitness goals, whether that is to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, or a bit of both.


The program includes:

–  Training Plan, choice of HOME or GYM Workouts
–  Full Meal Plan and Supplement Advice
–  Check in every fortnight for diet assessment and update
–  24/7 support via email direct with me


To sign up for my 8 Week Personalised Program, CLICK HERE.


Need more motivation? 

Check out my gorgeous Vegan client, Alana, below.  She achieved these amazing results in just 8 WEEKS using my Personalised Program.

Alana’s goals for her 8 weeks were to reduce cellulite, become fitter and loose some weight.
When she started with me she had a highly processed diet such as “Just Right” cereal, muesli bars and pasta – foods that most people consider healthy.
The simple sugars and processed carbs looked to be the culprit of her cellulite build up. As you can see by these photos, we were able to drastically reduce her problem areas by cleaning up here diet!

































If you have any questions about my program, feel free to email me to so I can help you.


I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.



Rach xx





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