21 Day “Train Like Me” Challenge


Want to learn to train like me? Here’s your chance!

You’ve heard about my three transformation Challenges; Booty, Bikini and Shred.

To maintain my figure year round, I use a combination of all three training styles – and now you can too.

Introducing my brand new 21 Day “Train Like Me” Challenge.

SIGN UP NOW: Choice of HOME or GYM Workouts

This new Challenge incorporates techniques from each challenge so you can:
– Grow your booty
– Tighten your waist
– Sculpt lean legs

Utilise the best of each challenge to achieve maximum results in just 3 weeks!

This is a short, sharp 3 week Challenge – designed to achieve fast results.

This Challenge package includes:
– Personalised Macros
– Meal Plan to suit your dietary requirements
– BBR Nutrition Guide
– Intense 3 Week Training Plan
– 24/7 email support from Team BBR
– Facebook Forum for support
– Chance to win amazing PRIZES!

There is a choice of HOME or GYM Workouts for this Challenge!

Sign Ups are OPEN NOW! 

Hit the button below to choose which workouts you would like, and register your place now:


What can you achieve in 21 Days using BBR?

Our clients results speak for themselves!


The above transformation pics were achieved in just 21 days (3 weeks) using my BBR Challenge.

Join Team BBR today to get started on your own transformation!







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